6/21/2007 - Introducing Digital Submittals - easy way to submit documents to the City of Cincinnati and Hamilton County when they are applying for Permits Online.


Installation Instructions -

go to the website http://cagis.org/doc and click the install button.


Uninstall Instructions-

Start\ Control Panel\ Add and Remove Programs\ Select Digital Submittals and click Remove.



Errors and Solutions

       Problem with stdole.dll - this is a known error with Microsoft. You have to copy the file stdole.dll to the

                                 %windir%\assembly directory (example: C:\WINDOWS\assembly) 

       Solution - get the file from http://cagisperm.hamilton-co.org/cdown/stdole.dll and save it to

                  %windir%\assembly\stdole.dll (example:C:\WINDOWS\assembly\stdole.dll)


      Problem – Still get the error after I save the file. I do not see the file in then %windir%\assembly directory.

      Solution -

       Problem with adodb.dll - this is a known error with Microsoft. You have to copy the file adodb.dll to the

                                %windir%\assembly directory (example: C:\WINDOWS\assembly)

       Solution - get the file from http://cagisperm.hamilton-co.org/cdown/adodb.dll and save it to

                  %windir%\assembly\stdole.dll (example:C:\WINDOWS\assembly\adodb.dll)

       Problem with ‘installation package corrupt’ – some anti virus software will give an error about the package being corrupt.

       Solution – temporarily disable your anti virus software and reinstall the software.


Please contact me if you have any problems with using this software.



Jay Erndt



Jay Erndt
Cincinnati Area Geographic Information System

Office:(513) 352-1652
Cellular:(513) 615-8407






2/26/2007 - Digital Submittals is in the midst of upgrading and you may have to uninstall and reinstall it.

I am very sorry for this inconvenience.